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FREE! + Pokemon collaboration >v<

in progress with: makoto / rin / rei /nagisa / and more~!!  *I think loll*

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by ひでこ

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「版権創作ラクガキ」/「aoki」の漫画 [pixiv]

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Eevee paths.

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by  未来-Miku-

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40 Days Pokémon Challenge | Day 27

Favorite Region: Unova ( ノ^ω^)ノ♥

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【塗らせていただきました】ブイズ❤ by なえすば

(Source: reuniclus)

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I have made a Vivillon background in the past, when I was busy collecting all the types (which I do have all of them, except for the really cool Pokeball one), but I thought that doing 100 million trades called for a new set that features more patterns. uwu

Remember to download the new Vivillon online while you still can!

Free to use for non-profit. Credit not needed but appreciated. Please do not edit or repost. c:

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As the GTS has reached 100 million Pokémon traded, the Vivillon pattern distribution has been announced. This pattern will run from tomorrow, July 8th, to July 31st 2014 over the Nintendo Network. This Vivillon is exclusive to this download and comes with the special move, Hold Hands, that no other Pokémon can have.

Source: Serebii 

Update: It is now live in all regions! 

  • How to redeem it? Go to Mystery Gift -> Receive Gift -> Receive via Internet
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Pumpkaboos are always relevant. (  • ▽ )σ Prints & Stickers!

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