Ken-chan brought home a caterpillar after soccer practice. We are going to build it a small home and watch it become a butterfly!

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When I don’t know what to draw, these two are my default.

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colored in a doodle from earlier on today because daisuke is the best and made all the right life choices including abandoning all career prospects in favor of running a noodle cart

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quick doodle of pastel kaiser chan from this afternoon i did in between frantic pokemon games… which i’m still playing in a great effort to avoid assignments which weren’t as easy as i thought they were going to be…. i don’t want to do it……i just want 5 eevees

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堕ちる(清書) (Fall down) by 煩悩のつきみ

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It looked better as a sketch :V

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オメガモン by 青ザリガニ@求職中

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