Continuing the post-Free! with MakoHaru as university students, usually Makoto would treat them both for ice cream during breaks then all of a sudden Haru would keep on grabbing his bag strap for no reason. He wouldn’t usually mind until Haru pulled so hard and then well… this kinda happens and everyone around them just stares at them thinking "are they not even embarrassed?" Apparently the reason behind the strap pulling was so that Haru can make sure Makoto doesn’t go off anywhere again where he couldn’t see him. Based on this official art that I have no idea where it is from. I should be embarrassed drawing this but decided to dismiss the whole idea HAHAHHA they are so gross

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見つけた | 便座 
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ドラマダ詰① | 山寺@長老 
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Finally I drew my fav dmmd character xD The Lines are made traditional and now i have to color it TT3TT I don’t like coloring…

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Free! -Eternal Summer- rubber pins collection

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By: ミル

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