don’t do that son it’s dangerous

p.s. it’s transparent

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Hinata Shouyou

"Middle Blocker. Hinata has an unusually high ability to jump. Since he was young, Hinata trained his legs to compensate for his lack of height. He joins Karusuno High School Volleyball team and amazes the team with his natural affinity as a spiker. Although he is a complete beginner and never had any experience playing in a volleyball team, he grows rapidly through each match.”

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Kageyama fails || Episode 22

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cardcaptor sakura gif challenge

favorite clow creation * Clow Cards
(set 1/16)
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Morning routines on the first ship. ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜

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where are all the tools?

chop down your trees with a fucken bookshelf

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